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Roy Bailie
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Swans at Ballycastle, Co Antrim
The Children of Lir

I started "Roy Bailie - Ancestry and other things" initially with the goal of offering readers the ability to read three documents, which I call my Trilogy, which contain my efforts in researching the ancestry of my family. This website is a work in progress and I hope over time to add various topics that are of interest to me and hopefully to you. When you need a rest from your exhausting genealogical research, I have added a little soothing video of garden blooms for you to play.

Read on and enjoy!



Welcome to my Trilogy of Documents

which make up my Ancestry work.

To see my full tree you need to either -

- Be a subscribing member of and proceed as follows:- - Search >> Member Search >> Roy Bailie (my photo will appear) >> Bailie Family Tree


- If you are a family member and wish to view the tree including those people who are "living" as well as our ancestors, you need to open a FREE GUEST ACCOUNT, send me your email and I will then invite you as a guest.


To understand how to navigate a tree - read the details on this help page:-

Gardens Blooms

I have always enjoyed gardening, following the blooms through each season and playing around with the layout of the garden. Planning for a little change each year and adding a new plant here and there is always a joy. This is a ten minute video of my garden in 2018.

Put it up to full screen and turn on the sound and relax.

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